Dr. Nelson Pinto

Natural Guided Regeneration-Therapy; in the quest to solve the soft and hard tissue dilemma


It is undisputed that tissue regeneration and bone management is one of the key determinants for success or failure in our line of work. Insufficient soft and hard tissue will diminish the options we can offer our patients for regaining esthetics and function. Lots of confusion exists as far as the optimal way to build and maintain soft tissue and bone over time. Lots of materials, techniques, and tools are currently on the market and which of these to use and when is not always clear. Research, as well as documented track record, shows that the autologous solutions in dentistry are becoming the gold standard in most clinical situations. The possibility to use L-PRF as a biological scaffold by itself or associate with a biomimetic implant surface or autologous dentin graft as open the opportunity to regenerate soft and hard tissue in such a way that was not possible before. In this sense, L-PRF is a very simple treatment without any risk for the patient. Many medical and dental clinical procedures benefit from recent advancements with L-PRF protocol including, but not limited to: soft tissue healing, plastic periodontal surgery, gingiva enlargement, MRONJ, regeneration of infra-bony defects, ridge preservation, sinus augmentation, immediate implant placement, and implant osseointegration, on the other hand there is a growing number of medical applications. Several treatment strategies are very promising in this domain but at this moment Natural Guided Regeneration Therapy with L-PRF has been proven to be safe, cost-efficient and a real alternative of treatment for many patients around the world.

Professor Departament of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Universidad of the Andes-UANDES, Santiago (Chile)

Visiting Professor Department of Oral Health Sciences / Periodontology, University Hospitals, Catholic University Leuven (Belgium)

Founder and Chairman of the Research Center for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering, Concepción (Chile)

Leading expert on clinical applications of L-PRF in soft & hard tissue regeneration and wound healing

Active Private Practice specializing in advance Implant Dentistry

National and International Lecturer in Implant Dentistry and Tissue Regeneration (+400 conferences & courses)

Several Awards in Clinical Oral Research Presentations

Developer of the Natural Guided Regeneration-Therapy for Chronic Wounds management with L-PRF. Best Oral Research Presentation: 4th Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies Yokohama (Japan), September 2-6, 2012

JWC-WUWHS Award 2016, Best Contribution to Clinical Research on Wound Healing- years 2012 to 2016. 5th Congress of World Union of Wound Healing Societies. September 25-29, 2016, Florence (Italy)

“Punyaarjan Humanitarian Service Award-2018”. The Punyaarjan Foundation has officially established this award to honor national / international professionals who does out-standing services to change the lives of needy people in the society. The foundation would like to honor Dr. Pinto’s dedication devotion and professional work done so far in Chronic Wound Healing area and helping many patients in changing their lives…

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