Dr. Laurent Bluche

Immediate post-extraction implantation. Simplification of procedures. Minimally invasive surgery


Immediate implantation was initially used for the previous region, with the objective of maintaining peri-implant volumes and preserving the aesthetic appearance. The immediate extraction and implantation procedures have been greatly simplified over time, and extended to posterior regions. Minimally invasive surgery with non-traumatic extractions has become the norm. The decrease in the opening of the surgical approaches and the bone expansion allow an increase in the primary stability of the implant. Associated grafts may or may not be covered. Grouping everything in a single intervention reduces morbidity and treatment time. And it is precisely that simplification that brings immediate implementation into practice. Simplification, which entails great prior preparation, is also the particularity of immediate post-extraction implantation.


Diploma in Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Montpellier, 1993

Postgraduate Prosthesis, Boston University, 1996

DU of Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, Toulouse, 1999

Professor of Implantology, Faculty of Dentistry, Toulouse, 1999-2006

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, Montpellier, 1997-1999

Private practice in Carcassonne (Aude, France)

Creator and administrator of the Facebook group “Implantology Only” (15,000 members)

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