Dr. Juan Zufía

Soft tissue management around implants: how and for what


The management of the transition zone in implantology is essential to achieve stable results in terms of aesthetics and health of the peri-implant complex. This objective is conditioned by a correct surgical protocol, but it is also essential to control the prosthodontic part, both in transitional and definitive restoration. The conference will analyze issues such as: What factors should we consider when planning cases of high aesthetic requirements; What are the most current techniques to achieve predictable results, both in horizontal and vertical increases; What is the synergy between surgery, periodontics and prosthodontics.


Degree of Dentistry, Universidad Complutense (Madrid), 2001

Associate Professor of the Master of Surgery, Periodontics and Implantology, Alfonso X El Sabio University (Madrid)

Director of the CEI Institute of Dental Implantology (Madrid)

Private practice in Madrid dedicated to General Dentistry, Aesthetics, Periodontics, Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation

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